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Hyper sensitive tests create cases that are not cases.

Covid 19 is tested using a PCR test.

This test operates by cycles. Each cycle of the test increases the magnification of genetic materials found.

The less cycles of the test required, the higher the viral load, and the more infectious the individual.

And vice versa.

The more cycles, the less genetic material is found, the less likely the individual is infectious, or carrying the disease.

Most tests set the limit at 40, a few at 37. This means that you are positive for the coronavirus if the test process required up to 40 cycles, or 37, to detect the virus.

Tests with thresholds so high may detect not just live virus but also genetic fragments, leftovers from infection that pose no particular risk — akin to finding a hair in a room long after a person has left, Dr. Mina said.

New York Times, 2020/08/29

The problem is, PCR tests are being run at very high Cycle Treashold, yet the results are presented as a simple yes/no.

At Cycle Treashold above 30, the test is almost meaningless, akin to finding a hair of a person after they left the room.

Yet many laboratories are running 40 cycles, finding tiny amounts of genetic material that are factually meaningless, yet they are returning a positive.

People are being tested, and told they are positive for Covid 19. In fact they should be told that after running the test for 40 cycles, at extreme magnification, some fragments of genetic material were found. They should also be told they have nothing to worry about and do not need to isolate.

In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90 percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles, Dr. Mina said. “I would say that none of those people should be contact-traced, not one,” he said.

This would explain why we are now in a Casedemic:

The more testing is done, the more “cases” are found.

But this is as a result of the testing being far too sensitive, and returning a yes/no answer while picking up tiny insignificant fragments of genetic material.

As a result, we have ever increasing numbers of “Cases”, with almost zero deaths.

In effect, the “pandemic” is over, but the tests are creating cases out of people with zero symptoms. And that is no small amount, it is up to 90% of these cases.