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It should not be necessary for me to educate the “experts” and “leaders” in Ireland.

But it has become necessary, as the “experts” and “leaders” are relying on a test that returns up to 90% false positives. Therefore their declarations and policies are in error.

This is a simple message.

Part 1 is Why the “Covid 19” test is returning up to 90% false positives.

Part 2 is what is to be done.

1. The PCR test being used to decide the number of cases of Covid 19 is being used to overstate the number of cases by up to Ten times.

The PCR test subjects each sample to multiple cycles of testing. Each cycle increases magnification, finding smaller and smaller amounts of the target genetic material.

Experts in the field agree that anything more than 30 cycles of testing per sample is irresponsible.

Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said he would set the figure at 30, or even less. Those changes would mean the amount of genetic material in a patient’s sample would have to be 100-fold to 1,000-fold that of the current standard for the test to return a positive result — at least, one worth acting on.

Tests with thresholds so high may detect not just live virus but also genetic fragments, leftovers from infection that pose no particular risk — akin to finding a hair in a room long after a person has left, Dr. Mina said.

In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90 percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles, Dr. Mina said. “I would say that none of those people should be contact-traced, not one,” (New York Times, 29/08/2020)

Ireland is testing at 35 or more cycles.

That means that up to 85% of those testing positive in Ireland at 35 or more cycles, would be deemed negative at 30 cycles or less.

This means that the Casedemic in Ireland is entirely false.

There are at present very few deaths that can be attributed to Covid 19.

Cases are rising in direct proportion to increased testing at the erroneous 40 cycles.

The resultant increase in cases, being erroneous is leading to mistaken and damaging Government policy.

The Lockdowns in place are not justifiable as they are based on false and exaggerated case rates.

Our indigenous industries are being decimated.

Individuals are being abused by unnecessary and ungrounded mandatory policies like distancing and mask wearing.

The Government, The NPHET, and all TD s have a constitutional and moral responsibility to acknowledge the facts in this situation. Anything less is a gross abuse of power.

What needs to be done:

1. Acknowledge that the testing to date is returning up to 90% false positives, and inform the public of the fact.

2. Lift all of the restrictions based on the false positives: ie travel restrictions, mask wearing.

3. Instruct laboratories to test at 30 cycles or less.

4. Stop scaremongering the population.