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For how much longer are we going to tolerate being held under house arrest on the basis of outright lies?


Everything about this so called pandemic is a tissue of lies:


Covid 19 is deadly: That’s a lie.


There are growing numbers of cases: That’s a lie.


The PCR test is an accurate indicator of Covid 19 infection: That’s a 100% lie, the PCR test is 100% inaccurate.


Masks are effective: That’s a lie.


Lockdown is necessary. That’s a lie, see above.


Lockdown is effective: That’s a partial lie. It is effective to destroy our businesses, loot us and re-engineer our society. But it is ineffective as a way to deal with a pandemic, if there were one.


We are all in this together: That is a lie. This is us versus the billionaire pharma drug lords and tech giants.


On the back of these lies, we have given up our Natural rights to freedom of speech, freedom to travel, and freedom of association, and freedom to make a living and provide for our families.


But no more. Freedom is not given to us. It is taken by us.

It is time that we took our freedom’s back.


It is time that the media, governments, big pharma and big tech see who they depend upon.

Our rights are not for sale, and not to be given away to fear mongering tyrants.


Here is what we can do right away:

1. Stop wearing the mask of compliance. It is useless anyway. If asked to wear it, refuse. State “I am exempt”. Nobody has any right to ask further questions. Do not enter into debate with adherants of Covid religion who may object.


2. Start to travel. State your objection at any checkpoints you may encounter. Assert your right to travel. Inform Gardai that the lockdown is based on deliberate lying and deception. You don’t have to martyr yourself. Be polite. Even if you are on a “legitimate” journey, state your objection to lockdown, rather than just giving an excuse. You may afterwards discuss the reason for your journey. But the Gardai should get some pushback.


3. Print some leaflets. If 1000 people would each print the above and put it through 100 letterboxes, we would have 100,000 or more people getting some truth. We have to go old school, as social media has become enemy territory in many ways.


4. Nevertheless, voice your objections on social media.