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Mike Adams is very unusual. He is a scientist. I don’t mean the type of bought and paid for employees of big pharma, who spend their time producing the results that their empolyers want.

I mean, he built a laboratory to test foods and other materials for safety.

Lately he has been testing the effect of cell phone radiation on crystal formation. The results are fascinating, but not very good.

Above, a crystal formed without cell phone radiation. Very nice.

And then…

Above, a crystal formed with a cell phone nearby.

The microwave radiation from cell phones has been passed off as harmless. However there is more and more evidence that this is not at all the case. This situation will only get worse with the deployment of 5G technology.

What’s to be done? We have grown dependent on these gadgets. Max Igan would urge you to get rid of them altogether. But, as I have not done that, I can’t say that.

But one bit of good news: The harmfulness of the phone radiation decreases exponentially with distance. In other words: Keeping those cell phones at arms length makes a big difference.

My suggestions for some things you can do:

Never put it to your head. Use speaker phone.

Don’t walk around with it switched on in your pocket. Use airplane mode.

Put on airplane mode at night and when not using it.

If you need it on during the night for emergency contact, keep it far from your bed. Don’t sleep beside a running cell phone.

You can find the full article and video from Mike Adams here.