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There has been a pattern of High Fat diets from the 19th Century to the present day.

They all present an incredibly similar programme, each enjoys a temporary Cult following, and each then retires to obscurity, amid some embarrassing revelations, only to be replaced by more or less the same ideas repackaged as “a breakthrough”.

It is interesting to note that the last 100 years has also been notable for a huge increase in consumption of high fat, animal based foods, and a parallel increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

It is also interesting to note that all of the above diseases are directly linked to a high fat, animal based diet.

And all are largely avoidable, and mostly reversible, by adopting a very low fat, wholefoods, plant based diet.

It is also also interesting to note, that the dieting industry has boomed in the last 100 years, especially in the last 50 years. Which is not surprising since we have largely adopted a diet that causes obesity.

Its a pity to see that the “cure” being touted is based on the cause itself!

Its also worth noting that the High Fat diets I speak of are never presented to us as such. Rather, they are presented as “Low Carb”. Does that start to sound familiar?

Imagine Carbs and Fat on a see saw. If your diet is Low Carb, it is High Fat, and vice versa.

So the High Fat diets don’t mention the fact, they just concentrate on a message of Low Carb.

That was the message of the previous incarnations of the High Fat, sorry, Low Carb diet fad. Does anyone remember the Atkins diet? It was all the rage a few years ago. It has been replaced these days with the Paleo diet. Same stuff, new books. And supplements. Lots of supplements.

The High Fat/Low Carb diet fad demonises carbohydrates as the cause of all our problems. Sugar is out. Even natural sugars found in fruits. Starches are out. Bread, Potatoes, Rice. All bad. Fats are in. Meat, Dairy, Eggs. All good.

Results are always the same: Some people lose some weight. Main reason being that these diets are strictly calorie restricted, so some weight loss is inevitable. Another reason is that eating meals of meat, dairy, eggs and greens is pretty awful. People get pretty sick of it.

Of course, the adherants are craving Carbohydrates like crazy all the time. But many stick it out, and lose some weight.

Then they go back to normal eating. And they gain it all back, and then some more!

Why is this? There are a number of reasons. One is that, once the severe calorie restriction is lifted, it is very hard not to gain weight on a High Fat diet. The reason is that Fat has twice the calories compared to carbhohydrates, gram for gram. Also, Fat is much more likely to be stored as….you guessed it… Fat. Which means it tends to end up in places we don’t want it, like bingo wings, or on bums and thighs…

And by the way, the followers of High Fat diets will also be spending a fortune on books and especially supplements. Because this way of eating is so un-natural that it has to be supplemented with vitamins and nutrients, most of which are from the plant kingdom, by the way…

So, the unfortunate dieter is now even more “Fat, Sick, and Tired” despite their genuine efforts. Of course, they lost some weight from their wallet, in fairness…

The wise and fortunate dieters will come to the happy conclusion that nature knows best after all…. Humans have thrived for Millenia on a Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant based diet. Our human body burns carbohydrates, needs carbohydrates, and thrives on carbohydrates foods. And that means food from the plant kingdom.

Of course, we are talking about Wholefood carbohydrates. That means fresh fruit, Starchy vegetables, Wholegrains, and Legumes. It does not mean refined carbohydrates and processed foods which are usually refined carbohydrates and added fat.. the worst of both worlds.

A Low Fat, Wholefood, Plant based diet is excellent for Energy, Health, and a great Body Shape, that will stay with you.

It is a blessing for dieters worn out by one fad after another. Please share this with anyone you know who is fed up of crash diets and fads, and who wants to discover permanent weight control and a Real Healthy Lifestyle!

Our destiny is formed in our moments of decision... Make a decision now to join us for a life changing event...

Our destiny is formed in our moments of decision… Make a decision now to join us for a life changing event…